Oh, Why Not?

Obviously, thes blog has gone neglected of late. Since Christmas, I haven’t written anything simply because I don’t know what I should write, if I should write, what to say and even if I want to say anything. Even before all the drama of the past few weeks I wasn’t blogging as I wanted, but I hate the idea of beckyandjames.com sitting here, unused. So, I have decided to try the whole Project 365 thing again. I know, I didn’t complete it last year – but life happened, you know? I hope to be more dedicated this time around and I am sure it will be easier this year. Last year, I wanted to expand my photography skills and put restrictions on my photographs, I tried to stay away from taking too many photos of the girls and had to get creative, but I’ve decided this year to just focus on ‘the norm’ and use this project to document our life, especially at the moment when I am unable to blog.

I had wanted to start on the 1st of January, but with one thing and another that didn’t happen, so I am starting 2010 now!



  1. yay! glad to see you blogging again, i thought you might have left us!

  2. I'm sorry you can't blog – surely there's something you can say. I don't know – I'm sorry. But I'm glad you're doing ther 365 project again – I like seeing what you come up with every day (when I get on the net)

    Love you



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