P365: Day 10 & 11 + Week 1 LO :)


At ESS they have P365 prompts to help inspire us with our daily photos, this week’s prompt is to ‘take pictures of your life by the numbers’. If you want to know more pop over to the thread here. I decided to take a photo of the page I was on in the book I am currently reading, Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris. I am LOVING this series. Seriously.


In keeping with the whole theme, I decided to take a piccie of my diary today. Every day I write little bits and pieces in my diary. New things the girls have done, things I have been thinking, things I need to do… It’s an improtant part of my life.


This year I have decided to create layouts with the photos I take for project 365, last year I was left wondering what the point was… So, this is week 1’s layout. I’ve used adouble sided template by M Originals, who, I’ve found has many wonderful templates perfect for these layouts and this month’s mega from Enchanted Studio Scraps, Celebrate Anew.

If you have a p365 blog, please share the link – I’d love to see the direction others are taking this project!


  1. Becky, those are such awesome photos! Jut LOVE them and you've inspired me 🙂

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