P365 Catch up + Week 2 LO


I was thinking about continuing along with the ESS numbers prompt, in fact I had taken a photo of the timer on our washing machine and then it happened. I went to change Kahlei’s dirty nappy only to return to Ellie telling me she’d done a poo. I looked at her but she had no nappy on and so she showed me that she’d taken it off and done it in her house!! Our first floor poo… I thought it needed to be remembered, lol.


Ellie is infatuated with all things bugs – especially Slaters, after naming one Kate a while back. This one’s name was also Kate by some strange coincidence 😉


Tickle Monsters


Kahlei is obsessed with standing up, crouching down and then standing up again, doing a little jig and pretending she might take a step. It’s cute, sometimes a little frustrating and a bit scary that soon she will be walking.



I have used the same products as last week’s layout – a double sided template by M Originals, who, I’ve found has many wonderful templates perfect for these layouts and this month’s mega from Enchanted Studio Scraps, Celebrate Anew. I intended to change the template and kit monthly but am worried somehow it will overlap along the way and look silly, so I have decided to change it up at the end of three weeks (as that will be the end of January) so I get some variety in there.

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  1. Great site, exactly what I was looking for, I can't get your RSS feed to work right in google chrome though, is it on my end?

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