Day 2 – Go me!

So, this is day two of posting! Yay 🙂

Something strange happened today – not bad strange, though. I took the girls to visit my dad (I am here looking after my sick mum) and just as we were leaving I noted a P-Plater parking in front of us before popping off to the shop to get more milk. As we were getting back in the car, mum rang to tell me my once best friend and forever adopted sister had called and was coming to visit. We’ve not seen much of each other in recent years, in fact this was the first time she had met Kahlei.

The strangest part was that Kirdy was here for a job interview – she might be moving here! And will probably be here before us! I am so so so excited. I love the idea of us living in the same town again. I love the idea of my girls getting the chance to get to know this person who I spent so much of my teenage years with, this person I love so dearly. Just thinking about the prospect now makes my chest bubble with excitement (you know that feeling). I know it wouldn’t be the same as when we were young and spent every weekend together and most week days, but that’s okay. I would just be happy to see her occassionally. Maybe she could babysit for me sometimes. And I could return the favour when the time came 😉

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