I’m Here!!

So, we’re home. It’s been a long, tiring day. The girls are a bit feral and I am simply exhausted.
I just really want to show you want happened when I told my girls not to get dirty while I hung the clothes.

Yup, my kiddos are oh-so-obedient.

Some days I wish we had a playpen for outside because sometimes the last thing I need is to have the girls get dirty, make more laundry and need a middle of the day bath. Today was such a day. I was so frustrated.

Please, enlighten me as to what you do when you reach breaking point?? I spent a lot of time raising my voice today. I hate that, but I didn’t have the energy to think about reacting any other way. I don’t want to be a grump. Really and truly I don’t.


  1. Some things I do when reaching the breaking point are;
    go out anywhere to get away.
    run until I can't run anymore, (3 ft. hee hee)
    especially if children are involved, I start talking out loud to God. I say for instance, "OK God, help me out here," and then I start talking about what is going on. The children always stop whatever they are doing and are all ears. It's fun to fit in how I am feeling and some positive affirmation of the children. They eat it up and move to a different place. Hey, I can do this with my husband too.
    Ask myself if I and others involved are tired, hungry, needing exercise, etc.?
    Hope any of this helps. Take good care.

  2. PS this picture is so adorable.

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