Okay, so this whole week is really long and sucky. Both girls are unwell, which means they’re grumpy and basically horrible. With both girls being very kissy and huggy I am starting to feel a little unwell myself.

I want to know why, when I try to get a nice picture of my girls together they act like they can’t stand to be near each other, even resulting in hitting and screaming and the moment I put away the camera and turn my back they get all cute. Like today. I was trying desperatley to get a nice photo of them together for my ADSR Challenge #10 (see our ADSR Blog for more info) and I just couldn’t get them to even go near each other without issues, so I gave up and started on some dishes only to turn around and see them dancing, hand-in-hand, to Pink. As quick as I could, I wiped my hands, grabbed the camera and turned it on only to find they’d decided that was old.

I tried and tried to get them to do it again, but they were defiant to the end.

I went back to the dishes, only to hear them having a great time singing and playing on Ellie’s bed, so I tried to stealth to the door with the camera – lo and behold Ellie pops off the bed the moment I peek in.


This was the closest I got:


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  1. My daughter and her husband said the hardest thing they did all year was to try to get a Christmas photo of their two.
    My son photo shopped a different face on one of his three. XD
    Best luck with your challenge.

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