Potty Training

We’re trying to potty train Ellie again. She’s been doing well, but then we’ll have a moment where she just doesn’t want to go potty. She will start crying to have a nappy on instead of wearing undies. It is getting just a little frustrating. But, at the same time I am proud of her. I just wish she wouldn’t have these little hissy fits!!

As she’s getting to three she is getting more and more defiant. Today we went shopping and she really was just a pain. At one point she sat herself down in the middle of the isle, hands in lap and wouldn’t budge. I had to hide around the corner and laugh because it was so darn cute. I wanted to whip out the camera and take a photo but I thought that might over-ride my ‘stern mum’ voice I used when I told her to stop being silly and get up. All this because she couldn’t have a lollypop.

At the end, as we were leaving she dug her heals in and told me she wasn’t coming home with me. I tried to get her to come with a bit of counting but she stomped her foot and repeated that she was not coming home with me. So, I went to get her and she dodged me a few times before I grabbed her. Then she wacked me in the face. I think I have a fat lip, it was hard. Then she kicked, hit and screamed her way out of the shop. Charming.

*Sigh* Where is my lovely little girl??

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  1. It's one of the most challenging things we ever do to raise children, imho.
    Best luck. Was she hungry or tired?

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