‘Robosaurus ate Joshy’s car!’

On Saturday we went to the Royal Easter Show with Nanna, Uncle Max and Uncle Caleb. It was a long day, we got up at 6am and didn’t get back to our accomodation until 11pm but it was so worth it. It was the first time I’d ever been (well, James is the only one who’d been before) and I really enjoyed it. We did miss somethings I had wanted to see like Noddy the tallest horse in the world and the diving pigs but I suppose we’ll see them next time.

The girls were so good considering it was so full on. Both had only one nap lasting no longer than half an hour and Ellie’s was right at the end. She fell asleep during the fireworks!!!

Ellie’s favourite thing was Robosaurus. She is still talking about how he ate Joshy’s car (one of the cars he ate looked alot like Josh’s). I was surprised she wasn’t terrified as we were sitting in the front row and he literally stopped right in front of us to eat a car. We could feel the heat as he blew his flame. I took some video – I didn’t zoom at all, he was literally this close to us.

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  1. Yes amazing. The shot of Ellie's face is pricelessly full of interest.

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