We Play: With Chalk

We Play

Now that the days are getting colder and as we’re currently visiting Nanna – where the weather is quite a bit cooler than at home – our outdoor play time is being cut back.
However, as soon as it is warm enough outside to play we rug up and rush out. With Uncle Max home, we figured a bit of chalk drawing on the cement was in order.

My girls love to draw. They’ll take any opportunity to do so and exploring new canvases and mediums is something they take real pleasure in.

Ellie’s starting to make more deliberate drawings – less scribbling. Every picture has an elaborate story these days 🙂 She is also starting to remember colours othan than blue and yellow now.

On the other hand, Kahlei is much more interested in the feel, taste and texture of the chalk.

I drew a hopscotch court and Uncle Max showed the girls how to play. Kahlei showed no interest, but Ellie thought it would be fun to play. In her own way, of course.

And no day would be complete without annoying the cat, by drawing on her!

I wrote an ‘I miss you’ message for my hubby, as he’s gone home for the week.

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  1. I love sidewalk chalk! I especially love seeing kids' faces when they get to create art on surfaces that usually aren't artsy 🙂 Some of my son's favorite drawing times are outside or when I tape butcher paper up to a random wall.

  2. We love chalk 🙂 My girls have fun creating all sorts of amazing artwork in our backyard.

  3. My kids love chalk too… sometimes they try to colour in the whole paved area!
    You have a lovely blog! I enjoyed stopping by!

  4. Drawing with chalk is a much loved activity at my place too – funnily enough more popular than drawing on paper.

  5. Just this week I went outside and noticed the dog was hot pink! Little Miss Enigma took all of the credit. Our poor pets have to be good sports don't they!

    jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

  6. LOL The pets just have to be included, they are part of the family too.

  7. Clicks for Uncles who get in on the fun 🙂 Immy's first ever drawing of a face was drawn with chalk on the pavement. Luckily in this day and age, the digital camera captured it before it was washed away.

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