Wednesday’s Wreck

My gorgeous husband gave me a Wreck This Journal for my birthday. I knew it was coming and was so impatient to get my hands on it, that in the lead up to my 27th birthday I became practically obsessed with looking through what others had posted. There are some amazing creative people out there!

We also decided to give my brother’s one each for their birthday’s and they loved it. I hope that they will join me in Wreck in Wednesday so I can follow their progress. I got my girls an art book each so that while I do my wrecking they can paint, colour, glue, or whatever else that want to do.

This is what I started with:

On the day of my birthday we went out to coffee with mum and I was able to start.

Then mum added a little more:

Pour, spill, drip, spit, fling your coffee here
On Tuesday, the sun was out so I took the girls outside with some paint and their books. They loved it. There’s my hand on the right, Ellie’s hand top of the left page and Kahlei’s at the bottom.

This page is for handprints or fingerprints. Get them dirty then press down

Yesterday, Ethan had the day off so the four of us sat down with some glitter glue and got glueing (I’ll link to Ethan’s post when he’s done it):

Draw with glue

Today, we decided to not get too dirty and got the textas out for some doodling:

Doodle over top of this page and in the margins

Before I finish my first Wednesday’s Wreck post, I would just like to show you what the cover of my book now looks like – James got a little over enthusiastic about making ‘sudden destructive, unpredictable movements‘, he even had to sticky tape the cover back on!

Do you have a Wreck This Journal? If so, I’d love to see what you’re doing with it!


  1. This is the first time I've even heard of a Wreck-ing journal! LOL Love it. Will have to investigate…

  2. i have never even heard of it, but it sure does look like fun!

  3. It's fun watching the kids 'wreck' the books – especially Becky who is absolutely pedantic about her books staying in pristine condition!!!!

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