Over it!

Today I went to Emergency as I’ve had very bad pains in my timmy and back and I haven’t felt Phoenix move for a few days. I just wanted to make sure bubs was okay. So, I waited an hour before seeing teh doctor and he tells me I had some blood in my urine, then he checks his paper work and corrects by saying “There was a lot of blood in your urine.” then he told me I had a UTI and gave me some pills. He also told me to “rest as much as possible.” I love that, with two toddlers ‘rest’ isn’t a word a know too much about!!

Between this and my chest infection I am so over it all. Everything hurts. I am not with it, my brain just isn’t functioning and I am so tired all the time.

16.5 weeks down, I kinda want it to go faster but at the same time it’s already going to fast and the idea of having three children under 4 in five months is kind of freaking me out!

Why have I never been a ‘glowing’ pregnant woman, with energy in the second trimester and an enjoyment of the experience? Or is that a fable? It would just be awesome to be enjoying this right now!!


  1. You may not be feeling well Becky, but you certainly are 'glowing'

  2. Girl… u need to rest! Just give the kids foods that promote sleep… milk, peanut butter, uhm, not sure what else. Maybe if they are not so full of energy you can stay on the couch for the day! LOL… I know, wishful thinking.

    I was never a beautiful pregnant person either. However, I did glow…. from the mass amounts of oil dripping out of my pores!

    Keep your chin up! <3 ya.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon!

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