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We Play

I have put all my old necklaces into a box for the girls to play dress ups with, both girls love to play with them and wear them around. I thought we might try to make some necklaces out of dried, coloured pasta, only to discover we only had spirals. I decided we could still find something to do and Ellie and I go to colouring the pasta – red, blue, green and yellow and then we coloured some rice purple. We left it over night to dry, but I was a little bit disappointed with the results – any tips?

While the girls played drumming in their room I got out containers, spoons, tongs and patty pans, a bowl of pegs and our coloured bits and pieces. Then I let them loose 🙂

They had a ball spooning pieces into containers, pouring, running the rice through their fingers, picking up pasta and pegs with the tongs… It kept them amused for hours. Ellie made me cups of tea and dinner for ‘Happy Daisy’, Kahlei was obsessed with the tongs once she figured out how they worked. She even tried to wear them as a necklace, strange child!

Honestly, this is one of the best activities we’ve done in a long time. I just loved watching them and they were so quiet! So focused. Ellie did a bit of commentary about her cooking, but other than that they simply concentrated on the task at hand.

Once there was rice everywhere we swept up and later in the afternoon we used the pasta and rice for some gluing.

What have you been playing?

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  1. Princess and Dadda painted pasta once .. they used penne and Dadda tried to spray paint it, but ended up painting the kitchen! Then Princess realized that if she stuck the pasta on her fingertips it was much easier to paint.

    The problem with pasta necklaces is that they break so easily, and Mumma will find broken bit of pasta through the house for months afterwards, and little Princesses will cry when they break 🙁

  2. I love the picture of little miss helper with the broom. Too cute.

  3. Tiled floors, perfect for messy rice and pasta play 🙂 I love how young children are fascinated by pouring and filling, stirring and tonging.

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