Beaut Brainwave…

Lately, I have had the perfect excuse to not fold and put away the girl’s clothes. Simply put, when Kahlei gets up from her nap, she loves to open all the draws and throw the clothes everywhere. Everyday, I have to go in and pick them up and the last thing I wanted was more clothes to put away over and over again. I mentioned my perfectly reasonable thought process to James and was told I should do it anyway in a grunty, grumpy man way. Well, I guess I probably should do it anyway, but I had a good reason not to.

Saturday I diligently folded all their clothes and put them away, like the good wife I am.

Today I went in to get Kahlei after her nap to find she had completely trashed the room. Not only were the clothes everywhere, but so where the toys, nappies and wipes.

So, instead of being in the pile off the floor, all the clothes were unfolded on the floor. Luckily, Kahlei is just as happy to help pick them up and put them away as she is to unfold them and throw them about. While Ellie stayed asleep in my room we cleaned up.

The last photo shows me I missed a ball under the cot. Argh. So, until tomorrow this how it looks…

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