{52 Weeks} Week 1: The True Me

Recently, I have been reading many new blogs. One of which is Fat Mum Slim, I noticed she was participating in the 52 Week Project, which I had read about back when I was first learning about Project 365. It took me a little while to realise that all of the entries for her project were photos of her (baby brain..)

Since number 51 on my 101 in 1001 is to ‘Take a photo of myself once a month for 6 months‘, I thought I would look into it, as participating in such a project would make it easy to complete. I did a search on Flickr and found the 52 Weeks group, which was inspired by the 365 Days group – where the challenge is to Take one self portrait each day for a year. I love the idea of doing it for a full year, but I know there is simply no way I would be able to do it currently, much like my failed attempt at Project 365…

I thought, with all the changes going on, that now would be the perfect time to start. I’ll take a photo a week of myself throughout my pregnancy and then into my weight loss journey. Hopefully, by the time my 52 Weeks are up, I will be half the woman I currently am. I am looking at this as a journey of encouragement and motivation as well as a convenient way to cross off another achievement. Not to mention, a way to document myself for a year. I am rarely in photos, as I much prefer to be the one taking them as using myself as a subject doesn’t excite and inspire me. It’s hard to compete when I have such perfect subjects in my girls.


So, this morning I made myself up a bit, which I haven’t really done since joining in with Bloggers Without Makeup, before placing a stool in front of me and setting the camera timer. I took many snaps, most of which ended up deleted. I picked the photo I wanted to use and thought about some Photoshop editing I wanted to do – I figure I can also utilise this project to hone my photography and editing skills.

The girls and I went outside to do some painting while the sun was out and surprise, surprise I ended up with paint on my clothes, arms and cheek. I decided that my first week of this project should be a photo of me. As I am today. Me, as my life is now. I turned the camera on myself and did some more snaps before we went off to climb trees with the cat.

I was a little disappointed when I looked and saw I didn’t have as much paint on me as I thought, but this is as true as it gets. White as a ghost, wrinkles under my eyes and paint on my cheeks.

Here’s my photo shopped, posed first choice, just because!


  1. I love them both – you are beautiful Becky – inside and out!!!!

  2. I love this challenge. I used to think I woudl draw a portrait of my husband and myself on our birthday's but I've only done it a few times. I am intrigued.
    Love both these shots of you.

  3. I just came over for the first time and I had to leave a note saying I love the first photo, with the paint on you. Your lips are beautiful!

    I have been taking part in the 52 fridays this year, it has been an adventure for myself, a good one.

    I also read your post about going shopping with Grandma. My kids are older (13, 11, 6) and I have been through very similar events with grandmothers. They mean well, but really forget sometimes that we are the parents and that they should respect our wishes and our parenting styles. If you can think of a way to explain that to her, not when you are upset or frustrated, but over tea when everyone is calm, it might really help you and your young family. Hope it works out for you, for now sending you a ((hug))

  4. @Mumeroo – you might be a touch bias, mother dear 😉

    @jbvadeboncoeur.info – Thanks 🙂 Drawing a portrait sounds awesome, I would love to be able to draw.

    @Alex – Thank you, I am blushing! I'll be sure to pop over and check out your 52 Fridays.

    I appreciate your level headed comment about my shopping with Grandma situation, I simply saw red about the whole thing and had a rant. I hope to be able to talk to her with my husband at some stage, to gently discuss our rules for our children with her as well as the reasons behind them so that she is able to understand where we're coming from.

    And thank you for the hug, I needed it.

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