Phoenix :D

I was quite nervous about going for my 20 week ultrasound today. I have not had good experiences in the past with the sonographers who’ve done my previous scans. They’ve been rude and impersonal, for both of my 20 week scans with the girls I burst into tears once we’d left and both times we couldn’t find out what we were having, which lead to a 7 hour 3D scan to find out with Ellie and another 3D scan (not as long, thankfully) to find out with Kahlei.

Fortunately, we got lucky with a new sonographer who was quite nice and explained what she was doing and that everything looked fine. James had to take Ellie and Kahlei out halfway through as they were getting quite noisy and were distracting for her. I felt saddened that he wasn’t there for the rest, but really an anomoly scan does go for a long time and the girls did well to last as long as they did.

Once they had been gone awhile, I started to think I was seeing ‘little white lines’ everywhere and I actually started to have a panic attack. I have been so certain from the very beginning that Phoenix was a boy. At times I briefly questioned myself, was it instinct or purely wishful thinking that had me convinced? I didn’t not want bubs to be a girl, although I would love a boy but I was so sure! Holy crap, I thought to myself, it’s a girl!

My fave photo – Phoenix, legs stretched out and feet crossed, just chilling 🙂

It was a little while before the sonographer was confident enough to share the sex with me. I was considerably disappointed James wasn’t there to share the moment with me, but we had no other options for childcare…

It’s a BOY!!


  1. Awesome, Phoenix it is then!! lol
    Congrats Guys! 😀

  2. Thanks Jane 🙂 We're very happy!

  3. That sure is a boy!
    Congratulations, hey you can cross that off your list 🙂

  4. Ohh yeah! I forgot about the list, lol.

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