We Play: With Leaves

We Play

On Monday morning, Ellie, Kahlei and I rugged up and took a walk up our street to collect leaves, flowers, pods, anything that caught their attention. We brought home a lovely bucket full of leaves and since then our collection has been involved in many different play situations. We’ve had cooking, sorting, and drawing to name a few.

This morning, I thought I would get out some Plasticine along with the leaves, some paddle pops, flags and such. I put them out on the bench and let the girls at it. They really enjoyed it and I was able to get started on some sorting in the kitchen while they played, explored and created.

Ellie asking for some ‘Big black eyes’ for her creation

Eyes and all. Ellie named him Mr Shuffles
(after I showed her some photos of him last night taken by Mel Hobbs)

Kahlei did some experimenting

Before making and ‘drinking’ a cup of tea,
complete with slurping noise

Ellie baked a cake, so she could practice blowing candles out
for her birthday next month

I got a birthday cake and birthday song,
even though my birthday was 2 months ago..

What have you been playing?

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  1. There is always a birthday and cake in our house too! This week I decided to just through a party with food, presents and candles … but maybe I should have just used play dough 🙂 (Okay … I wanted party pies and little boys! I was hungry!)

  2. Those are great ideas of items to supply your children with when playing with playdough! I'm never sure what to give my 2 year old. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We're playing with play dough this morning too. We've got lolly sticks to add to ours but I like your leaves too – always good to add in another ingredient to the play. And thanks for stopping by NurtureStore – great to link up with you.

  4. ha ha! Kids love to celebrate birthday every single day, don't they? Cute pictures!

  5. You have reminded me that I bought some plasticene for Immy to try as a change from playdough but I haven't got it out yet, oops!

    Love Mr Shuffles' big googly eyes.

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