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 I have always been a little ‘different’. Especially, during my teenage years, however, when I read this week’s prompt; to share three little quirks, three things you do daily that are just a tad left-of-centre, I couldn’t think of any. These days I am pretty normal, I would say. Sure, I sometimes say things differently to others. Toilet for instance, is more like torlet and I cannot say ugly without an ‘a’ in there. And on occasion, there is an issue with my bookcase when someone borrows a book and there is a hole where that book should be, but all in all life these days is very quirk-free.
Or so I thought.
I asked my delightful husband and loving mother to help me out and was surprised with how keen they were to point out things that I do that might be on the strange side. If I’d let them go on, I could have written a never ending list. It almost turned into a full-on domestic, with them disagreeing and getting very vocal.
Of the many offerings from my beloved family, I have chosen the following;
* Pegs – When hanging my clothes, there is one simple rule. All the pegs must match. I prefer for the whole load to be hung with the one colour peg if at all possible, but if that can’t happen then each piece of clothing needs to have the same colour pegs hanging it and I don’t like to start on a new colour until all of the first colour is gone. It might take me a little longer to get the laundry out, since I have to go through the pegs, but that’s how I like it to be done.
* Food – James and I have often discussed whether my insistence on different foods not touching on my plate is strange or not. I think it’s perfectly normal to keep them separate. There are certain foods that I simply cannot have touching. Mashed potato and anything, for instance. I like to keep it as it is until I choose which element of my dinner I would like to ingest it with, I don’t want it to have all different tastes mingling when I go to eat it. There are also different textures I dislike mixing, beans in my mash is just wrong.
* Socks – Wearing odd socks to be precise. I love odd socks. As does my mum. James on the other hand believes socks ‘mate for life‘ and ‘don’t swing‘. For him, this is one of my oddest quirks. He doesn’t get it. Doesn’t believe the washing machine eats socks, making odd socks a daily necessity (okay, maybe not daily as I am currently wearing a pair, although there is a strong possibility that on any given day one of us girls is wearing a pair of odd socks). 
I’m not that strange, right? 
What are your little quirks?


  1. Socks mate for life!!!!

  2. My favourite "pair" of odd socks is my hot pink one worn with an electric turquoise one. It's a bit 80's and I love it.
    If I'm wearing odd socks they have to be proper odd, not just white with off white… that's just lame.
    .completely normal.

  3. Socks mate for life…that is a good line! However, socks in our house never stay together! So odd socks are a way of life, excpet for school socks they tend to stick together, not sure why?

  4. You are definitely quirky but coming from me that it a compliment! I'm here from Bloggy Moms. Hope you'll check me out at:

  5. I actually wore odd socks on Friday and posted on facebook "I wore odd socks today and I don't care". I got alot of high fives and "that's the spirit"!

  6. Congratulations on #3. Great blog…I like your "quirks" 🙂 Following you now from Bloggy Moms! ~Kimberly


  7. New follower from Bloggy Moms. Quirks are what makes are husbands love us. =) Embrace it! I hope you can check out my blog as well, follow me and link up on my blog hop. See you around!
    Julie @ Bunches of Bargains

  8. @James – I don't disagree with you, it's just that in this washing-machine-eat-sock world sometimes you have to find another mate!
    @Toushka – I agree. Odd socks need to be proper odd, otherwise, what's the point? And for me they have to be the same length. A long and a short odd sock is just weird 😉
    I do notice that you're all very pro odd socks, but decidedly silent on my other two quirks. Surely, they're not that odd…right?

  9. Hey Becky – I have a peggy quirk as well. Every item of clothing needs to have the same coloured pegs, so for example when I hang shirts or pants that require 2, they both need to be the same colour. I dont mind it to vary from item to item, but on the one piece of clothing, etc, they definitely need to match.

    My brother in law needs to colour coordinate them with the item he is hanging. ie if its a blue shirt it gets blue pegs.

    My littlest brother also has the "keeping everything separate on the plate" quirk. I bought him a special plate with "segments" but he never uses it… where as Danny doesn't mind if they touch, but will only eat one thing at a time, so if its chicken, vege's and mash, he'll eat the vege's first, mash second and chicken last.

    Ahh I love peoples little kinks =)


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