Bitter Sweet

Hooray for the first box!

On Monday, Ellie, Kahlei and I packed our very first box as we organise, purge and prepare to put the house on the market. It was a long, tedious task as both girls were very keen on ‘helping’ and Ellie in particular, was in love with cooing over the “little, tiny baby clothes” with the “cute baby buttons” that we were packing away. Eventually, we did have a beautifully packed box full of little pink clothes.

I can’t even begin to describe the relief I am experiencing now that it actually feels like we’re going to move and it’s starting to feel imminent. Or a tad more imminent than it was.

On the other hand, packing away those little clothes, knowing that when we get that box out again it will be for somebody else’s bubba girl, left me feeling nostalgic and quite misty eyed. Once Phoenix is here we’re done, but the finality of closing that box gave me a tug at the heart strings.


  1. Is that something green i can see in that box that Phoenix could wear?

    Am i the only one that finds it hard to type in these comment boxes without a cursor? Is it funny that once i wrote the word cursor on appeared?

    So many questions….

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  3. @James – the green things IN the box all have flowers or girly cuts. Anything green that Phoenix can wear have been put in the top drawer in the girl's room 🙂
    I haven't not had a cursor… And yes that is funny that it just turned up. Does that help you 😉
    @Jane – Thanks 🙂

  4. I remember being teary when packing my last box of 'size 000's to give to my sister's babies. It's funny, because I was sooooo not at all interested in going back to babyland, but there they were. I think it's primeval, somehow.

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