{52 Weeks}: Nap Time

Currently, one of my favourite times of the day is nap time. I can barely get through the day without having a sleep and I certainly can’t get through the day without the girl’s having a nap! Kahlei has never been one to happily sleep in our bed – the two times she’s ended up in our bed have been a nightmare for all concerned, so she happily goes to bed with Tigger.

Ellie has slept in our bed for naps since she was a baby and will happily sleep with me during the day. We have a little chat, she tells me a story and then we have a cuddle until we fall asleep.

Other than the fact that I love when my children sleep and I love having a sleep myself, I really enjoy that special quiet time Ellie and I share in that time.

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  1. Nap time is my second favorite time of the day. Bedtime is my first! ha ha.

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