Remember: It’s Just a Stage

 With all the drama we’ve been experiencing of late it can, at times, be hard to remember what beautiful, lovely munchkins my girls are. Over the weekend, I spent much time in bed resting, but the moments I spent with Ellie and Kahlei cuddling and laughing was just what I needed. What I needed to remember they’re essentially good girls, they just have their moments, like all children. It just so happens that they’re having said moments at a time when I am not at my best, at a time when my coping skills are not that great.

Ah, how I love my babies ♥

Join in with more Point & Shoot fun over at Fat Mum Slim.


  1. awhh Becky yes toddlers can be troublesome, make sure you rest properly before bubba number three comes! You have a gorgeous blog, thank you for stopping by mine! xx

  2. I love that belly photo!!! Beautiful!!!

  3. gorgeous belly shot.

  4. @Lulu – I am trying my best to rest as much as possible, though the girls do have other ideas about that 😉
    Thank you Pene and Toushka 🙂

  5. Oh, great belly pic! x

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