It Goes Like This

Ellie (as we drive past a park): I want to go that park tomorrow
Me: Not tomorrow, because you broke the no crying rule at the playground today. You also made it very hard for mummy by whinging and carrying on for me to pick you up. Remember, it hurts me.
Ellie: Well. Don’t pick me up then.
Me: But, it’s hard for me when you’re so upset and crying for me to cuddle you (which means ‘pick me up’ when we’re out)
Ellie: I know you’re sick
Me: It’s not that I am sick, but that I am in pain from Phoenix growing
Ellie: I know
Me: I am just trying to explain to you ….
Ellie: I know!


  1. I have these conversations with Addison 10x a day! They go no where and I ALWAYS lose…

    They were most difficult after my c-section with Jackson. I could not lift her- she knew this and did everything she could think of to make me (she was not even two yet). Uggh. Good Luck!

  2. They're cheeky, aren't they? I am a little nervous about how they will both be after my next c-section, too.

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