The Joy of Toys

Kahlei loves going to bed, in fact she gets quite excited, so long as you remember to surround her with as many toys as humanly possible. It started with Little Tigger (who has met with an unfortunate demise and we don’t say his name out loud to avoid tantrums), then Big Tigger joined in and somewhere along the way she has collected other favourite toys that simply MUST be in bed with her.

As I place each toy with her she laughs and cuddles them to her, it seems like so many toys and so much laughter would lead to her playing instead of sleeping, but we’ve always been quite strict about bedtime and she just snuggles down for a lovely sleep.

The best thing I have discovered is that the more toys she is snuggling with, the longer she will sleep at nap time 🙂 Bliss.

It certainly helped this weekend when I spent most of my time in bed trying to get rid of this cold + pain! What did you do this weekend?

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  1. aww, that's adorable!

  2. My son has gone from one teddy bear to 3 toys that must be with him at bedtime. He's so little, I don't know how he hugs them all but he does. Thankfully it's only 3 though. Looks like Kahlei has pretty good system going on with her toy hugging.

  3. Too cute!

  4. This is precious! She is adorable 🙂

  5. Gorgeous photo!
    Jaxen has a few "snuggle bears" that his had from birth, and will not go to bed without them!

  6. She looks so happy! My boy takes fistfuls of toys to bed with him too. It works out fine.

  7. Hope you make a speedy recovery form the cod. Your picture of your daughter and the toys is adorable. Glad to stop by. Following you from Woo Us to Your Blog Hop.

  8. That is the happiest little face I've ever seen! xx

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