Father’s Day FAIL

A Nice Moment

I had the best of intentions when I awoke this morning. I was going to wrap James’s pressies, cook a delicious breakfast and put on some cupcakes for later in the day.

After mopping up after the girls and their new favourite morning ritual of spraying each other with water, I realised the power was still out, after very strong winds last night had caused a black out. I collected the pressies to wrap, only to discover that the beautiful hand print/keepsake/paperweight (I got the idea here) that the girls had made weren’t dry and the one Kahlei had made for James was cracked and broken. I had been so excited about them, too! On top of that, I had to give him I.O.U’s and I knew the gifts I actually had weren’t going to go that well.

While we waited to start on breakfast, the girls and I read some books, before the two of them played Hide ‘n Seek in their own special style. At one point, Ellie disappeared and I assumed it was to go to the toilet only to discover she had gone in to James to ask if he wanted to go to Bunnings. Don’t ask me why, but she is completely obsessed with going to Bunnings…

By 9.30, the power still hadn’t come back on, but I decided we would go and give Daddy his presents and a cuddle. As he unwrapped his The Stig mug he said “It’s not as exciting now that he’s not ‘The Stig’.” (Yes, honey, you said it out loud!) The mug was followed by body wash in a The Stig figurine, I thought it was cool at the time I bought it. Now that he has an identity, he’s not cool at all, the whole appeal was the mystery.

Thankfully, present time led to play time for Daddy and Ellie followed by some family hysterics over Talking Tom; one of our newest iPhone apps.

A lovely breakfast of Corn Flakes led to James noticing one of the girl’s bikes had ended up in the garden, on top of some of his new plants in all the wind. Unfortunately, that was the least of our worries once he went to inspect the damage.  Our beautiful big Sheoak, that gives us privacy and the girls love to climb, had cracked under the pressure of the winds and ended up warping our back colour bond fence and landing on our neighbour’s shade house.

Another tree from our lower neighbour’s ended up on our side fence, somehow not breaking it, even though it’s daggy and barely looks like it could withstand the weight. James went out to do some cleaning up while I called the SES. I spent 15 minutes on hold before my mobile’s service cut out (and it still hasn’t returned).

At nap time we realised we didn’t have anything we could eat without heating, cooking, toasting… Disaster.

James declared “Well, Father’s Day is ruined, we may as well go see my dad.” Apparently, he didn’t mean it as it sounded.. He tells me he meant why ruin his father’s day, too, by not visiting. Mmm hmm.

We managed to find the one shop in the area that was open and cooking (thank you gas) for lunch before spending the afternoon at grandpa’s.

To top it all off, when we got home our back neighbour had chopped off some branches and thrown them into our garden bed, on top of our new plants because the SES hadn’t arrived. I don’t know why you would expect anything different, I am pretty sure they’d be quite busy…

Maybe we should try Father’s Day next weekend and pretend today didn’t happen?


  1. Oh dear….not quite the day you planned, but at least you had it together!
    I like the idea of trying again next weekend!

  2. What a bummer, but you had a great idea – why not do fathers day this weekend!

  3. That sounds about the same as our fathers day. We woke (at 5am!) to no power, no lights, no heating, a free trees down in our yard and were freezing cold complaining kids. My husband spent his morning cutting up trees and removing them fry our drive, before heading off to work in the rain. Chaos. So funny about your husband and "The Stig" gifts.

  4. @Pene – you're right, the important thing is that we were all together! We just needed some hindsight to appreciate the good parts of the day. And we will certainly be trying again next weekend, see how it goes.
    @LJ – Sorry to hear that you guys had the same kind of day! I am thankful we didn't have the 5am wake up on top of all that!

  5. I'm so sorry the handprints didn't work out 🙁 ours took 5 days to dry I blame the weather!
    P.S we are haing Fathers Day this weekend last weekend the kids and I were just to sick

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