Sneak Shot

Grandpa + Ellie playing

I have often tried to capture James’s dad playing with the girls, but as soon as I get the camera out he backs out of view. Every time. Without fail. Yesterday, while they played in the backyard at his house, James and I watched from the veranda above so that I wouldn’t have to walk down the stairs until we were leaving.

They had fun, running around, ‘shopping at Bunnings’ with the laundry trolley and throwing grass at each other before running around on the lower veranda and jumping into grandpa’s arms. I was able to get many action shots before he realised I was up there with the camera and once he did, he didn’t mind. I suppose the fact that I’m not pointing it in his face might help the situation a little…

I have often worried about the lack of photos Ellie and Kahlei have with him because I think it’s so very important to have a record of the important people in your life for the future.

Join in with more Point & Shoot fun over at Fat Mum Slim.


  1. The line "so I wouldn't have to walk down the stairs until we were leaving" speaks volumes! Not long to go now.

    See, I'm not a secret stalker now… sometimes I forget how much commenting means to people. x

  2. Not long at all 🙂
    Yay for not secret stalkers!!

  3. How precious. I need more family shots too. Time just flies and they are such memories to keep 🙂

  4. Cuteness! Thanks for playing along. Don't forget to link back to my blog if you're going to play along. x

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