About Me: Ask Me Anything

 Currently, our About page says this:

This is where all the information about us will be.
..coming soon… 

Which is very classy and informative, but I thought I might try and get myself organised to update the page, so that if somebody were to click on the link they wouldn’t think I was a tad lazy… but, hey, there’s a page there. That counts, right?

The problem is, I don’t want to simply repeat what you can find to the right of any given post, but it’s like when you join a site where they ask you to tell people about yourself. All of a sudden you don’t really know what to say. What defines me? I’m pregnant, but I won’t be forever (or at least I hope not) and it’s not difficult to learn that about me through posts.  I’m short, is that an important stat for my readers? I have (on numerous occassions) been addicted to Coke a Cola, does that define me?

I want it to be at least a little bit interesting and different to “I’m a SAHM who’s pregnant and loves to blog“, so, I want to ask you guys what you want to know when you check out a fellow blogger’s About Me page and more importantly, what would you like to know about me on mine?

Go ahead, ask me anything 🙂


  1. Well since you ask- I tagged you in a friendly little blog tag and my four questions are posted there. A little somewhere to start…http://mommymmsankey.blogspot.com/2010/09/so-as-my-new-fave-mama-kimberly-over-at.html

  2. I like learning a few offbeat, quirky things about people that generally don't come up in conversaton much. So, maybe think of random odd bits about yourself and your family and share them with me!!

    BTW, I know it's disappointing to hear, but you actually WILL be pregnant forever. Didn't you get the note? x

  3. I agree with Maxabella- a few random, offbeat facts are always good 😉

  4. I agree too. I love hearing interesting and unusual things about people. I also love hearing the kind of things that make me go ahh, someone else feels or thinks like I do.

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