{52 Weeks} Week 9: Bad Hair … Year?

Okay, so I have confused myself by somehow ending up being ahead with my post and scheduling for most of this week. Yesterday, I was meant to post my 52 Week photo, but by writing the day before had me all mixed up and posting my About Me post instead (don’t forget to ask me a question)! It’s all been too much for my pregnancy addled brain.

However, I figure it still counts since I took the photo on Friday…

Months ago I got my hair cut. And I hated it. The hairdresser butchered my hair and in my distress I could do little more than buy myself a headband to keep it all in line and repeat to myself the mantra “The difference between a good and a bad hair cut is 6 weeks” . Lies, lies.

3 months on and my poor botched hair still hasn’t grown. There’s still not a single thing I can do to make it look even a mite presentable.

I used to have such thick luscious hair, oh how I miss it! Do you think if I tug on it, it will grow nicely before Phoenix is born so I don’t have horrid hair photos with my new born??


  1. I feel for you. I often wonder why I don't communicate better to hairdressers what I want. I know of two who gel with me, but neither of them live near me. arrgh.

  2. I know, what's the deal with not being able to relay what you want to a hairdresser? Even when I take in a photo, it is just never right.

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