Putting Pen to Paper

I once loved to write. I mean, write. With a pen and paper. Notes, diaries, thoughts, letters. At school my friends and I would slip each other letters in the hallway and my best friend at the time and I had a ‘letter book’. I had pen pals from my old school. Finding a letter waiting at home for me used to be so thrilling and on bad days I could delve into my ‘letter box’ to find loving, friendly words from people I felt really knew and liked me that would fill me with warmth.

While I came late to the whole email thing, somehow, writing letters fell by the way-side. Once I had a mobile and was able to chat online it seemed there were so many great options for keeping in touch that I didn’t need to even think about getting my stationary back out. But, all of these fantastic, technical age ways to stay and keep in touch haven’t meant I have done so. Sure, Facebook has given me a chance to reconnect with so many people, but at the same time there’s not that feeling of kinship, of closeness.

I intend to email, but I don’t love to, so I don’t. I think about writing letters, to the extent where I added Keep in better contact with family with letters and phone calls as one of my 101 in 1001 but as soon as I get out a pen the girls want to use it or my mind goes blank and that’s the times I remember to be bothered to try…

Then recently, I happened upon a lovely blog called babbleOn where the author, Claire, set herself (and anyone who wanted to join in) a 6 weeks challenge to write a handwritten letter and posting (that’s an important part) it to someone special. Read all about the challenge here.

Claire’s words have given me the motivation and excitement to stop thinking about maybe, possibly writing to the people who I love, miss and want to connect with and do it. Throughout this week, I will write and post my letter and on Sunday I will write a follow up post and so it will go for 6 weeks. 6 handwritten letters to 6 lovely people.


  1. Goodluck!

    Sounds like you might take the challenge further for yourself. Have you kept all those letters from years ago, they are so fun to bring out every few years…much better than a fb post.

  2. I have the worst handwriting in the world. I am all about typing these days. But that doesn't mean that I don't love to receive handwritten cards, letters and notes. I do try. I write my Christmas cards every year, with a scrawl at the bottom. I'm pretty sure my friends know they are from me…

  3. What a fabulous idea Becky!
    Going to share this link!


  1. Putting Pen to Paper. Again. | Becky and James - [...] named Babble On which laid down a challenge to hand write and send a letter a week for six…

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