Wearing Our Colours

In this house we love our V8s. For me, it’s been practically a life long passion, whereas for James he liked to watch the Bathurst 1000 on TV every year but he had never been, he’d not experience the excitement and so he didn’t have the passion. Then, last year I convinced him it was simply something we had to do. A right of passage. An experience not to be missed. And with that, an obsession was born. Our time at the 1000 last year opened his eyes to a whole different side to the V8 Supercars that he knew and I was one proud wife.

And now, we have a special something that we all get excited about. It’s like football to us. We have a team we follow, we all have our shirts which we wear when there’s a race on and we all watch. Obviously, Ellie and Kahlei play and do other things, too, but they watch the start and the end, being sure to yell out “Go Craig!” whenever the mood takes them. Ellie, in particular, loves it.

If you’re not a freak like us, then I should enlighten you to where  our alliance lies, we’re Team Vodafone. More specifically we are Lowndes fans, which means car 888 is our first choice followed by car 1 (but we do love Jamie). After which, our alliances are slightly different. I have been a long, long time Greg Murphy fan and I am loyal.

I know you’re all loving my motor sport talk, but you might have to get a little used to it as the 1000 is less than a month away and we’ve had tickets practically since they came out last November.

Join in with more Point & Shoot fun over at Fat Mum Slim.


  1. enjoy! Its great that you have that tradition with your family.
    Does this mean you will be heavily preggers at Bathurst?

  2. You are so cool.

  3. Yes, I will be entirely TOO pregnant for such things, but I am intent on going! We plan on taking a chair everywhere, so I am imagining I will just sit down heaps and be a weird preggo woman sitting in random spots, lol.

  4. Hubby used to go it it every year until we moved here 🙂

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