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I had been thinking recently about starting some threading games and crafts and, as I know my Nan has cupboards full of crafyt things that she never uses, I had asked her to bring somethings down for us to use. But, being busy and not-so-young anymore, so forgot so I put threading on the back burner until this week when Ellie wanted to play with some wool and seemed quite interested in threading it through various things.
In leiu of lovely beads and buttons to thread on, I cut up some straws for her and gave her a skooby string, as she was struggling to keep the end of the wool fraying when she was threading.
Soon, she was creating bracelets, necklaces and headbands. Kahlei had a cup of cut up straws and a string, too but she was much more interested in pouring the straws in and out of containers while wearing some of Ellie’s creations.
Ellie has proudly placed her straw jewellery in the dress up box and will, at different times, pop up to the bench and do some more threading. The next time I get out of the house I intend to get her some different sized beads in all kinds of shapes and colours to make things with, but for now she’s happy to use white straws.
What have you been playing?
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  1. We did some beading and some threading at Princess' birthday party on the weekend (sadly, no photos 🙁 ). Surprisingly, these were not popular activities, even though the kids were threading Fruit Loop necklaces! Colourful, sugary, edible necklaces – I thought kids would love that!

    So glad that your Ellie is so happy with her handiwork 🙂

  2. They look great! I'm doing a 'threading station' at Capper's mermaid party and I'm dying pene pasta to add in with the beads and trinkets. But having read Homeage's comment above I'm thinking fruitloops might be the go! What a great idea. x

  3. PS – I like your new outfit!

  4. Just found your blog thru Surviving Motherhood and I'm so glad I did! I love it!
    Your kids are just precious! And what a great craft. Love it!

  5. @Homage – How strange that they weren't popular. My girls ave never had Fruit Loops, but I am sure if I got them they would hardly make it onto the string – at least in Kahlei's case, lol.
    @Maxabella – How are you dying the pasta? I did some recently, but it really didn't look how I wanted it to. I love the idea of a mermaid party.
    @Thepunkrockmum – Welcome! Thank you for your lovely comment, will be checking out your blog now!

  6. I did this with my daughter a couple years ago – thanks for reminding me to pull it out again!

  7. I did this with my daughter a couple years ago – thanks for reminding me to pull it out again!

  8. I used to love beading types of activities – it never goes out of style. Thanks for commenting on my blog today and I hope you have a great week!

  9. great idea with the straws. I love doing crafty little games with Addison…we have plenty of straws on hand. "where there is a will there is a way"…

  10. Threading Straws is an excellent idea!

  11. We like making necklaces too and you've just reminded me we found some shells with holes in which we haven't used yet. Dried pasta shapes are a good standby too for when the threading urge strikes! Thank you so much for sharing with the Play Academy. Hope you'll join us this Friday too.

  12. Such a great fine motor skill activity… and pretty and fun too

  13. The skooby string is a good idea. Coloured patty pans with a hole punched in them are easily added to straw necklaces too.

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