{52 Weeks} Week 10: Getting Ready

It seems Kahlei thinks it’s about time I start getting back in the swing of changing newborns. After we read a book, she will bring me a line up of babies (chickens and giraffes included) and a stack of newborn nappies which we put aside for dolls as they let everything out! I change each baby and Kahlei takes them, cuddles and soothes them before popping them in bed, tucking them in and reading them a story.

Then we start again.

Perhaps she’s worried that I won’t have a clue what to do when Phoenix arrives, even though she’s still in nappies…

It did get me thinking, though. When I was pregnant with Ellie I had a comprehensive list of everything we might need for her arrival. We were so organised. With Kahlei, we didn’t need much to start with, but I still had everything ready/planned well before 30 weeks. I think I even had a hospital bag started…

Tomorrow, I will be 31 weeks and all we’ve done thus far is buy some clothes that will be way too big for him to begin with (unless he comes out the size of a 1 year old). It’s not like we have everything we need, though having all the furniture is a big help. But, everything is pink. Pink sheets, pretty pink clothes, even pink walls.

We haven’t even discussed what colour theme we would like for him or started organising the letters for his name, which will go on the white wall in the room. Poor little man.

I decided to peruse some online baby stores to get some inspiration and here are some things I am loving:

Waffle Blanket
Blue Sheet Set
Nappy Stacker

Flannel Wraps
Muslin Wraps
Chick Magnet
Playpen (please?)
I am liking the blue and white nursery idea… Though, I can still be swayed.



  1. I love the Muslin Wraps!

  2. They are cute, aren't they?? LOVE baby shopping <3

  3. I love the bubba blue flanelette cot sheets, they are so thick and soft and looooovely. If I had known I was having three boys in a row I would have not been such a tight a*** and painted our baby room blue and gone all out on the blue. Instead we have a green noah's ark theme and a hodge podge of "could be boy/could be girl" sheets and muslins and stuff so I didn't feel like I needed to buy anything new if the next baby was a girl… the next baby never was and they all survived with the hodge podge. I only got a playpen for #3 to protect him from #'s 1 & 2! I wanted the big hexagonal one that you get spare panels for to make it octagonal or a huge square… I got a hand me down wooden square thing and didn't really use it much because it was too small as soon as he started moving. This is too long now… I hope you get some of those lovelies! Boys are so much fun.

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