The Flirt List

Some time ago, I happened upon a blog post which inspired James and I to start a Flirt List, for that moment when he or I run into a smokin’ hot celeb… you know and I thought I would fill your Saturday night with some gorgeousness.

So that you can spend lots of time drooling over my scrumptious choices, we’ll start with James’s picks (with random commentary).

Kherington Payne – From the moment James first saw Kherington on So You Think You Can Dance, he was quite taken with her. He was adamant she should win and watched every episode to see her dance until she was booted off, which is a big deal.
Years later and he still remembers her and her name (who knows how??)

Elle Liberachi – Finding a clothed photo of this woman was difficult, maybe that was part of her appeal? Nah, of course not!!

Margot Robbie – Donna is James’s favourite Neighbours character and I have to admit, she is pretty.

Miranda Kerr – Poor little James was a little heart broken when spunky Orlando swept the gorgeous Miss Kerr off her feet (because until then he had a chance..) and now that there’s a little Kerr-Bloom baby on the way his dreams have been shattered. Miranda is my favourite Angel – his too.

Keira Knightley – I think she’s pretty, but way too skinny. James is a fan of her accent and the funny pouty way she holds her mouth.

Kirsten Dunst – I suppose this is a teenage boy crush carry over. When there’s an old school Kirsten movie on we have to watch it. I can’t say I get it.

Amanda Bynes – I would love to see James meet Amanda, she’s hilarious. She has the best facial expressions.

Now, onto the real eye-candy 😉

Ian Somerhalder – Is Damon (Vampire Diaries) not the hottest Vampire ever? Seriously. Need I say more. But, I will; look at those smouldering eyes.

Jason Statham – I might just have to fight my hubby to get to this hunk ‘o spunk, as James has a man crush on this tough man. No decent fight scene is complete without a little bit of Jason. Or a lot.

Angelina Jolie – I love Ange. It’s not just that she is the sexiest woman on the face of the earth (and she really is) but I think she’s an awesome person, a wonderful ambassador for humanity and a great mother. 

Hugh Laurie – As House. Rough around the edges, surly, vulnerable… and such deep eyes. *Sigh*

Jesse Spencer – Who can go past a spunky Aussie? I am starting to think I like guys with a bit of stubble and nice eyes… 😉

Johnny Depp – You can’t have a Flirt List without the sexiest man alive, now can you? 

Dr Chris Brown – I have to admit I have a bit of a thing for the Bondi Vet. Not only does he have a gorgeous face, but he just seems so lovely and down to earth.

Who would be on your Flirt List?


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  1. I think my husband has a teenage boy crush on Meg Ryan… and Michelle Pheiffer.

    Mr Depp would have to be on my list too.


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