We Play: Dress Ups + Bubbles

Recently, I was able to transfer our craft supplies into a bigger craft box (which means I can buy more crafty goods, right?) and with the empty box I was able to gather all our dress ups together and put them in a place all of their own. Having them readily accessable means the girls are constantly coming to me dressed in something new, adorned in jewels and carrying a bag (or two).

Ellie loves to wear a red sparkly dress I bought years ago and Kahlei thinks a veil is often appropriate, which gives me a strange feeling that I am looking into the future.

Once they’re all glammed up we can play. Bubbles are a big favourite at the moment. Neither girl has had much success with the little bubble wands that come with the bubble mix, so I stuck some straws together so they were able to make lots of lovely bubbles (those straws are quickly becoming the best purchase ever).

And so hours were spent blowing and chasing bubbles, dancing, picking flowers and getting married.

What have you been playing?
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  1. I love the straws stuck together for blowing bubbles what a great idea! The veil photos are so cute she makes a gorgeous little bride 🙂

  2. Ah, dress ups and bubbles – what more could a little girl want?

  3. Love dress up and bubbles- two of our favorites! What beautiful dress up it is.

  4. I love the leopard print with the veil! LOL

    And my advice, DON'T get the touching bubbles, the ones you can touch and they don't pop. They get stuck in the hair, and I found on in the kitchen 3 days later. My floors are a mess …. oh, don't do it! They sound like so much fun …

  5. Now that's adorable…what little girl doesn't love to pretend to be the bride. I love these moments.

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