It’s All Down Hill From Here!

My dear husband turned 27 today, now he’s over the hill with the rest of us fuddy duddys (I am 3 and a bit months older, which he likes to point out often).

I always like to cook a special meal for his birthday, even if it doesn’t always turn out well as I am not the best cook (sometimes, I am not even a good cook). I want to change that, I often feel horrid when I serve up a sub-standard meal and I want to be able to offer my family good, wholesome and delicious food. Which is why number 62 on my 101 in 1001 list is Expand my cooking skills – try 20 new recipes. Mostly, I have only thought about trying something new and kept up my repertoire of spag bol, tacos and grilled chicken.

So, when James recently bought Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals app (love, love, love it but that’s another post), I bit the bullet and got him to choose a meal and dessert for his birthday for me to try. I was pretty nervous and I am sure James was, too. However, somehow, my Tuna and Tomato Rigatoni – with chicken instead of tuna turned out not only edible but yummy! Even, I (the bland food lover), liked it.

Then, for dessert, I made Eton Mess with Roasted Almonds and it wasn’t a disaster! Crazy but true, especially since I am relatively sure that every one of his birthday’s has seen me ruin the sweets! I found it a little tart, but James and Ellie happily ate theirs and I finished dinner feeling the glow of success 🙂

To top off the day, Ellie and I made James his birthday cake. She mixed the batter and spread the cream then the icing and finally flicked the white chocolate on top and was thrilled to be doing something so important for Daddy’s birthday. We’ve yet to eat it, or even have candles, as I didn’t want to do it without Kahlei but it looks good.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous husband, I hope you’ve had a good day my love xo


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