{52 Weeks} Week 11: Slimey

Now that James has covered all our mud puddle areas with gravel, mulch or grass I have to start making messy things for the girls to play with again. This morning we decided some slime was in order. Pink slime, to be precise.

To make our slime we used Cornflour and added water slowley, mixing until it was a consistency I was happy with (be sure to test it with your hands to be sure it’s what you want!)

We all had a lovely time playing, experiencing the texture, dripping it, flinging it and (of course) painting each other.

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  1. Oh, perfect kid fun I bet!

  2. wow- what messy fun. Definitely an outside game!

  3. When we made our goop it was pink too 🙂

    Haven't little girls heard that slime is green? LOL

  4. We've only recently discovered goop (don't know what took us so long!) – it has such a strange texture doesn't it? Great fun! Thanks for linking up with the Play Academy. I shared your post on our Facebook page too, as we've been discussing how to make a good swap 😉 Hope you'll come and link up with us this week too. Cathy x

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