Being Grateful

Right now it’s so easy to focus on how tired I am, how much pain I am in, how over being pregnant I am. It’s easy to feel frustrated by my girls acting their age and having 3 year old attitude or Terrible Two tantrums. It’s easy, but it’s not good. Today, I want to join in with Maxabella’s ‘I’m Grateful For’ and focus on the good things.

Today, I am grateful for;

*  Saturday Sleep ins, how I love and need them right now
*  Daddy and Daughter time. There’s nothing better than seeing them play happily together
*  Tantrum free shopping. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s bliss!
*  Easy meals after a long shop. Sometimes, I just don’t want to cook…
*  Kid’s apps on the iPhone for a bit of quiet time 

Visit Maxabella’s blog to see what other’s are grateful for today!

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  1. Such a great list of things to be grateful for. I love sleeo ins on saturdays too.

  2. Great list… I am grateful my sister is coming down to spend the weekend with us (early Jackson b-day celebration).

    Be well.

  3. I love the lead up to your grateful list…It does take effort sometimes to focus on the good doesn't it? well done to you for doing so…

    Great list

  4. Your introductory paragraph is exactly the reason why I started Saturday Grateful. It's easy to overlook the snippets of good when everything around you seems so hard!!

    Thanks for linking up today. I have so enjoyed visiting all the lovely blogs and surrounding myself with thankfulness. I'm making it a regular Saturday linky.

    Hope you have a not too over-pregnant week! Not long now, Becky. x

  5. I am your newest follower. I love your blog and look forward to more posts.

    I am awarding you the One Lovely Blog Award and would love for you to stop by and pick it up when you can.

    Have a great evening!


  6. Oooh, I love tantrum free shopping – daycare days are best for this! And I agree with daddy/daughter time daddy/son time – it is a joy to watch 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Hope you're feeling less over being pregnant soon. Thanks for your list of Gratefuls… sleep ins are bliss! I just wish there were more of them (and tantrum free shopping trips). xx

  8. tantrum free shopping & sleep ins..ahhh, bliss!

  9. @mommysankey – enjoy your sister's visit! I love family visits, especialy for something as special as a pre-birthday!
    @Maxabella – I should have added that I am grateful for your link up, giving me the motivation to actually focus on the good. So, thank you xo
    @Victoria's Voice – Thank you so much! What a lovely award.

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