Letters 2 & 3

When you’re so used to the quick and easy way of connecting through social media, it takes a bit to recall that things like a handwritten letter take their time to arrive at the chosen destination. Still, I assumed my first letter would take less than a week to get to Casey – my cousin, friend and sister. But, a week it took. Exactly.

Still, I was relieved to hear that she eventually got it and that my words made her day 🙂

During this past week, I wrote my letter to my other sister, as I mentioned I would but I have yet to post it. So, today I decided to write letter three as well, because – well, why not? Tomorrow my lovely hubby will post them for me.

I am finding it difficult to separate contacting people through letters and on FB or over the phone. I write something in a letter and then expect the recipient to answer any questions I may have asked the next time we get to chat, even though the letters have yet to even leave my possession.

Still, there is something therapeutic about contacting people this way. Writing things down, even if they are merely random pieces of my day or thoughts I have in the moment feels so much more tangible than typing a quick note and clicking the send button.  I may be able to say the same thing quicker online, but somehow this is better.



  1. I think a handwritten letter is as marvellous as it is unexpected. I bet you made her day! I've been randomly sending some sweet little postcards to friends and they are delighted too. It's so much fun!!! x

  2. I've really enjoyed writing and receiving letters myself…it's such a therapeutic lost art! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for your comment today!

  3. I save most letters that I receive. My sister ended up collating and printing up copies of letters that my mother and her sister wrote to each other during their child raising years. It's fun for us to read. Not so different than what accumulates in Mommy blogs though.

  4. Good for you getting them all done at once.

    I think the friends love the random thoughts sent to them the best, the stuff that you would really otherwise not mention. This very personal touch means a lot.

    I am sure you will get some returns too!

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