We Play: Shopping

Ellie received a doll in a tube with lots of little odds and ends like a potty and play food boxes for Christmas last year, I decide to put the extra pieces away until the girls could play with them without Kahlei trying to eat or ruin them. The other day, while the girls ran around the yard, I decided to set up a little shop on our coffee table and see what happened.

I put out all the pieces from the tube as well as some of our empty boxes I was keeping for crafts. Then I got them each a shopping bag out of the Dress Up box and put a ‘credit card’ (ie. old licence, medicare card) in them as I have yet to make them some money. I set up Ellie’s Buzz Lightyear laptop as the cash register and waited.

Once they were inside and had seen the shop they picked up a bag each and went shopping. The shop stays set up at the moment, sometimes I change things up a bit to keep it fresh, but mostly they are just happy with how it is. I have enjoyed watching how play has evolved from stuffing whatever they can grab into their bag before the other can get it to actually looking at it as a shopping experience.

Ellie will even take a list, which I find fascinating since I rarely write a list because if I do I leave it at home or forget to get it out of my bag. Or worse still, I use it and still forget things. Once she’s filled her list, she pays Buzz and takes her purchases home (that’s their house to the left of the photo). The cold things get put in the Huggies Fridge and then she is able to use the milk from the fridge to make drinks with her Cappuccino machine.

I get a sneaking suspicion she shops like Nanna, as she often runs out of milk and has to run to the store.

Kahlei likes to buy things for her babies, like milk and bottles. She will feed them, sooth them then say “Bed? Yes?” After which she gives them a kiss on the head, takes them to her room and tucks them in as she says “Goodnight. Weet Deams.”

Now, I am constantly looking for new things to add to see what will eventuate and how play will develop.

What have you been playing?
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  1. What a great idea!
    Looks like fun!

  2. How completely sweet!

  3. I don't think Princess ever goes "shopping" with her food stuffs that we have acquired over the years, although she does lots of cooking with it.

    Love the expedit bookcases, btw. My husband has one in the wardrobe of his office and it fits in there perfectly, keeping all of his stuff out of site, and I have one with the desk that you can attach 🙂 Still think I need another couple of them though 🙂

  4. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Shopping is a really fun activity! I love to shop myself!

  6. AWESOME! What child wouldn't be over excited about that wonderful set up. Lucky little ducks. x

  7. How fun! And I love the bags. We usually use the plastic bags we get from the store, but those are WAAAAY more fun!

    Also, it usually ends up with me doing the shopping because my little guy only likes to be the store manager. It's pretty funny.
    He always says "and how was your experience at our store today?"
    "There is a survey on the back of your receipt…"


  8. @homeage – I could have a whole room of those bookshelves and still want more!
    @miss carly – I like to indulge a little myself 😉
    @Katie – How cute is your little man? I love his professional touch!

  9. We love playing store too. My son has a calculator he uses as a scanner.

  10. Our play shop is still going strong too, though I am thinking it might be time for it to evolve a little further 🙂

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