A Rose by any Other Name?

Choosing our children’s names has never been easy. Months of thought, suggestions, knock backs and frustration went into giving our bundles of joy their names.

Before James, I had names picked out that I loved, each had a cute little nickname derived from it which I intended to call them by. James hated each and everyone of those names and so we had to nut out our own and funnily enough, neither girl is intended to have a nickname from their original.

I chose Kahlei’s spelling to avoid people calling her “Kay”, that was my biggest worry when we chose her name. Never, ever, ever did I imagine what would be chosen. Kahles. It sends shivers down my spine, like someone is dragging their nails down a blackboard. It makes me grit my teeth. It’s just horrid. Unfortunately, James and Ellie have started calling her that just to annoy me and worst of all, Kahlei responds to it!

One day she will be old enough to decide what we call her and if, at that time she decides Kahles is what she wants then so be it, but until then I would really prefer not to hear it uttered in relation to my daughter.

Obviously, she has nicknames. Not all glowing. But they’re better than Kahles. Munchy. Munchy Bum. Stinky Bot-Bot. Missy Moo. They’re all a million times better, yes, even Stinky Bot-Bot.

Ellie gets Elle from time to time, which I hate too. If I wanted to call her Elle, I would have named her that in the first place! It doesn’t grate on my nerves like Kahles, but it’s still just… Ick.

Again, she has little nicknames; Munchkin. Ellie Belly. Little Miss.

Even my random choices of chicken food stuffs variations used for both girls seem better, Chicken. Chicken Nugget. Chicken Chips (?).

I figure we went to all the trouble of picking their names, we should have a say in what people call them for a little while at least. Because once they go to school, they’ll be coming home with all kinds of different names they want to be called.

Please tell me I am not alone in this?



  1. Your not alone in this! 😉

    We picked Jaxen thinking it couldn't be shortened, boy were we wrong!
    He gets:
    jac jac – from the movie incredibles
    Jacko – which i hate with the passion
    Jacky… WTF?? his a boy!

    and the spelling i picked, OMG what was i thinking!!
    No one including family ever spells it right!

    No matter what we name them there always going to get some kind of weird and wonderful nickname!
    The joys of parenthood. 🙂

  2. I'm sure I'll have the same problem. I have names in my head right now that I love….I just don't know how they sound with my last name. Besides…Sisk is very difficult to say sometimes (even if it is short). I worry about actually saying the names I love out loud and then getting shot down. I love both of your girls' names though.

  3. Fact: Aurora is the best name ever…its my name! <3

  4. This is one topic I get passionate about as well! The very reason I am 'Rae' not Rachel, is because no one ever called em Rachel. They called me Rach, or even worse, Rachie. Nails on a chalkboard all the way!

    I have to say, we seem to doing alright with Xavier though. A few of his little friends who are still learning to talk so Xay-Xay, but other than that he gets Xavier almost fulltime. There is only one person who has come up with a nickname I can't handle, and that is Xave. But it is one person, and that one person is the only person to still call me Rach, so I've gracefully closed my ears and given up! 🙂

  5. Christopher amazingly enought still gets called Christopher, some of his school friends call him Chris. I expect one day he'll come home and tell us all to call him Chris! Benjamin mostly gets Ben, but if you ask him his name he says it's Benjamin.
    Rachel gets Rach or Rachie by a few people…
    Jeremy gets called Jezza by my hubby, I can live with that I guess. Rachel calls him Jemmy, which is a bit cute. I will throw a pink fit if anyone ever calls him Jerry!!!!!!

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