{52 Weeks} Week 12:

I feel like I have wanted this forever and since finding out she was actually coming, I have been planning, dreaming and imagining our future together. A future full of magic, beauty and captured moments.

Now, unexpectedly, she is here. The knock on the door was so unexpected and here we sit. The girls are outside, James is at work and so it’s just us.

She’s beautiful. Sleek, sexy, curves in all the right places. This, the perfect time to get to know her in privacy is ticking past, as I just sit and look. There is so much to know and I want to know everything.

I am completely besotted. Completely. And after waiting so long and spending much time planning I am nervous. I don’t know where to start or what to do. I can’t believe she’s mine. All mine.

But, she is and that’s a little overwhelming. If only she came with a manual.

Oh. Wait….


** I wrote this yesterday, when the delivery man came, but I had an important Project Smile post to do, so I decided to post it with today’s photo and yes, it’s lame **


  1. oooh wowee, new camera! Lucky, lucky girl!

  2. hehehe – not lame at all! I really enjoyed this post.

    To begin with I was like "Is Pheonix a girl? No, she said he was a boy… and she's not due yet". What on earth is she talking about???

    You had me slightly suckered… =P

    I hope you really enjoy her =) looking forward to see what you produce together.

    – Virginia xxx

  3. Oh, I want want want too. Fill the pages with photos so we can share the snappy joy.

  4. Yay for your new camera!

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