[Capture] Bathurst 1000

While nobody else wanted to play along with my [Capture] idea, I still wanted to share the photos I took to record the atmosphere of the Bathurst 1000. I have to admit I found it harder to find the things I wanted to, sometimes because James found a passion for photographing the goings on and other times because I was unable to go trekking for the shots, once I was sitting… that was it!!

Maybe next year I will try again with the same challenge.

Now, onto my pics.

Category 1: Team Spirit

 My girls all dressed and ready to cheer for Craig and Jamie

Category 2: Passion

This one might not come across, but when all the drivers lined up before the race the whole place was crackling with excitement and passion, so I felt it was appropriate.

James watching the podium presentation. I’m pretty sure there’s tears behind those glasses!
 And this is representative of my passion. We tackled these stairs twice everyday except Sunday and they killed me! Being 34 weeks pregnant and suffering SPD made them very difficult, but it was sooo worth it.
Category 3: Action
 Category 4: Weather
 If you know anything about Bathurst, you know the weather is crazy. Here we’re all getting ready for the rain.
Category 5: Entertainment
 For the boys 😉



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