{52 Weeks} Week 14: Creativity Fail

This month, with my new camera in tow and before my Little Man arrives, I thought I would attempt to participate in the October Photo Hunt.  A Self-Portrait is on the list of things to photograph and recently, some of the bloggers I follow have been showing off some amazingly inspired, creative and well shot self-portraits.

I got all inspired. With tripod and camera in tow I set about recreating my simply brilliant idea. Major fail. Shot after shot was a disaster. I was not loving them at all. And not just because they were of me, they just weren’t what I envisaged. Nothing at all like what I had in my head. I couldn’t get the focus I wanted, I couldn’t work with the model (difficult miss) and every time I moved from the tripod the girls thought it was their cue to run over and try to ‘take my photo’.

So, I ended up doing the same old, same old. Boring. Hopefully, I can learn something new and exciting before the end of my 52 weeks, otherwise it’s going to be a tedious 38 weeks ahead…

If you want to see some great portraits visit these great bloggers:
Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk
Aurora of Photo Freak
Sophie from Little Gumnut
and if you want LOTS of inspiration, check out the Facing Myself link up over at the The Old Nichols Farm.

Facing Myself



  1. I actually really like this perspective. And self portraits are HARD – trust me…I've tried a lot and only now found a shot that works for me.

  2. I love your self portrait – it's fantastic! You really look like you're looking out at the world through a little Alice in Wonderland window. I popped over to the Old Nichols Farm for a look, but honestly the idea of specifically photographing myself is a bit too daunting (I think I'll need to work on that…maybe it could be one of my challenges 🙂

  3. Inspiring and excellent. thanks for sharing.

    Sophie's link was the same as Aurora's

  4. Thanks for letting me know about the link! I've fixed it up (sorry Sophie!)

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