Warmer Weather

After a blustery start to the weekend, where we all rugged up, looked at the sky and asked “What happened to Spring?” we were blessed with lovely warmth for playing, blowing Dandelions, mowing the lawn and eating the first ice cream of the season outside.

Daddy surprised us with cones filled with three different flavours. Perfect for a warm weekend 🙂

Join in with more Point & Shoot fun over at Fat Mum Slim.



  1. Mmmm yum!!
    Your girls are gorgeous, lovely photo.

  2. Beautiful model, excellent photographer. And lucky you getting some sunshine!

  3. I hope we haven't had the last of our warm weekends yet! Still things we want to do – go to the park and zoo and such before winter comes!

  4. Gotta love this warmer weather!
    Although those clouds and drizzle are back again today, after just two days of sunshine!
    I'm hoping tomorrow will be sunny.

    Great shot! 🙂

  5. thats beautiful

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