Scavenger Hunt Sunday

For quite some months now I have been following Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday and dying to participate but I never end up getting everything and sometimes I never manage anything. Even without being part of the hunt I love checking out all the amazing photos and creative interpretations of the week’s themes. This week, however, I decided I was going to join in and here I am!

Of course, I realise I am nowhere near the calibre of the other participants, but it’s been fun and I like to challenge myself to try and grow my skills.

The 5 Senses
 This meal was all about the 5 Senses. Especially for Kahlei. It was all about eating with fingers, experiencing the different flavours and textures, smelling the aromas, crunching on the corn chips and wearing as much of it as possible. All in all a very Kahlei meal!

Child or Children
 My beautiful girls dancing and holding hands, I just love when they’re like this.

 Nachos made by my husband – you’ve already seen how much Kahlei enjoyed them!

 I struggled with this one. I wanted to get a nice shot of the moon, but it’s been nowhere in sight! So, instead I thought I would get one of Ellie in bed. I love bedtime!
  Lots of clouds, sunshine the promise of rain
Be sure to pop over to Ashley’s blog to see all the other wonderful entries!



  1. Love your sky shot!!

  2. Cute pictures of your girls! Thats a nice sky shot and the nachos look good. Welcome!

  3. Very eerie sky shot. Love it!

  4. Love your 5 senses – can see you caught them all 🙂

  5. Children and night are SO SWEET! You'll be so glad you captured both!!

  6. I'm so glad you participated – I really love your children shot – for some reason, I like moments like this where you feel the love by feeling a hint of the photo. Great work!

  7. Nice shots and I love the one of your girls dancing!

  8. Love your shots! Especially the holding hands one.

  9. I thought your pictures were absolutely beautiful! What a great idea.

  10. Addorable night shot!

  11. love the eerie sky and your girls holding hands … too cute!

  12. What a wonderful idea!
    I will have to check out Ashley's blog to see more.
    Your photos are gorgeous. I love the shot of the sky, and those nachos look pretty delish! 🙂

    Thanks for following my new blog x

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