There’s Something About Nanna

On Saturday night, I left our front door unlocked for Mum and Ethan to come in when they arrived sometime in the early morning of Sunday and went to bed. I knew they would arrive well after I was asleep, as Mum had sent me a message saying they’d pulled over to have a nap before going on.

When I got up during the night for one of my numerous bathroom trips thanks mainly to a baby making a trampoline of my bladder, I noticed the light I had left on was still alight and I didn’t sleep so well, wondering if they were okay but knowing that poor Mum hasn’t been sleeping well lately due to stressing about me I figured she had slept longer than originally thought and had decided to make her way here in the early morn.

At 7.15 Sunday morning I was awoken by a text message simply saying ‘Can we come in now?’. Turns out that after I got up and checked the door was unlocked for them, I managed to lock it without even thinking about it. Whoops.

And my lovely Mum decided not to wake me when they arrived to find themselves locked out – she and Max slept in the car! Poor things! Especially considering Mum knew she was leaving just over 24 hours later…

While she was only here briefly to leave Uncle Max here as my house slave until Bubba Boy arrives, Nanna and the girls had so much fun, they’re all so beautiful together.



  1. What beautiful photo's – they show so much emotion and love!

  2. She is so sweet to wait!!

  3. Hi becky thanks for you lovely comment about my boy. I'm going to start following you LOVE the last photo here so beautiful

  4. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

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