{52 Weeks} Week 16: It’s All Relative

With less than 2 weeks until Phoenix arrives, I wanted to dedicate this and next week’s {52 Week} photos to my belly…. Hmm, I am getting a sense of de ja vu. Oh, right – this is exactly how I started last week’s post.

This week, I should be saying ‘with only 6 days to go’ however this week’s visit to my OB saw my booking date pushed back a week, now we will be meeting our baby on the 11th of November. Somehow, he had managed to miscalculate dates and had me booked in too early. He thought I was going to be mad and try to fight his decision to wait a week, however, when a single week doubles my child’s risk of having breathing difficulties and ending up in a humidicrib or flown to Canberra there is no choice in the matter. Of course I will wait a week for his health.

So, good news for the bub. Not so good news for me. I am at a point where my pain is simply off the scales. I feel like I have pulled every muscle in my belly, upper legs, back and upper bottom. The most simple tasks are ridiculously difficult to tackle and Phoenix, unnecessarily, has his feet tucked up under my ribs so he can stick his bot-bot out and make his wriggling as painful as humanly possible.

And the exhaustion. Another week of being too uncomfortable to sleep, most nights I am not able to doze off until after 2 and often by then I need to make a visit to the little girl’s room. It’s getting a bit old, really.

The hardest thing is that I seem to have taken an emotional hit. I am truly, very happy to be waiting until it’s safer for Phoenix to be born and somewhat relieved but the tension, the excitement, the fear along with my looking so forward to the end of my pain has all churned together at the changes and left me frazzled, raw and often on the verge of (if not in) tears.

Some days I wonder how I will survive, how I will get through an extra week with this pain, but I know it’s worth it and I know I will manage. Probably with lots of whinging 😉



  1. Whinge away my dear!!
    All the pain and discomfort will be gone once you hold your new little baby boy in your arms 🙂
    Jeremy came early at 36 weeks and it wasn't easy – he was very sleepy, had a lot of trouble with feeding and jaundice and was so close to being readmitted to hospital…
    I hope the time goes quickly for you though and I think of you often xoxoxox

  2. Oh you poor thing!!!!!! My gorgeous#3 was 14 days over due…so I feel your pain 🙂 All good things come to those who wait! (yeah right! feel free to swear loudly at smug comments like that!)xxx

  3. i am there! i feel for you so. . i'm only 6 months along, but i've never felt this much pain with my 2 little girls. and i have 3 more months!! Lord, help! . . i just emailed you about writing a guest post for ya, hope you got it, let me know if you didn't. take it easy my friend!

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