‘The Search for Santa Paws’ DVD Review

Christmas is on it’s way. The stores are (already) full of tinsel, decorations and oh-so-many tantalising Christmasey goodies. There’s talk of Santa and excitment in the air. It seemed only fitting to accept the chance to review a pre-release copy of  ‘The Search for Santa Paws‘, with thanks to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Porter Novelli and Aussie Mummy Bloggers.

The Search for Santa Paws‘ is the prequel to last year’s hit movie ‘Santa Buddies’ and follows the adventure of Santa Claus and his adorable Great Pyrenees pup, Paws, as they travel to New York and get seperated.

Paws, with the help of a recently orphaned little girl who has been dropped off with a nasty care giver, a homeless thief, stray dogs, and Santa’s top elf, sets off to find Santa Claus who has forgotten who he is.

There is everything you want from a good Christmas movie here; a gorgeous cuddly pup who talks, a traditional toy store that makes you wan to visit one just like it , a simply adorable orphan who I would adopt in a second if I came across her, Christmas spirit, magic, a happy ending and, of course Santa Claus. I enjoyed the fact that there was an underlying message about Christmas being about giving, family, being together and doing things for others over and above yourself and wasn’t focused on getting presents.

Originally, I had thought I could enjoy it with Ellie and Kahlei and start getting into the the Christmas spirit on the early side, however, I found it was just that bit too scary and in parts was simply too old for my girls. Ellie was happy to sit and watch the cute puppy parts and enjoy the musical numbers (hey, what’s a good Christmas movie without a few songs?) and tune out for the rest of the movie.

All in all, a wonderful family movie – for children older than toddler age, perfect for this time of year and a must-have for under the Christmas tree.

I am left with just one question: Where is Ruldoph??

The Search for Santa Paws is set for release on DVD and Blu-ray on 10th November 2010.

Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for a giveaway in time for Christmas!!

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  1. Neevah would love this Movie she is already into the full swing of Christmas 🙂

  2. We watched our copy this evening. I'm suggesting a good movie for children older than pre-schoolers. Daisy is 5 next week, and found it a little to scary.

  3. How cute is that child!!!

  4. How cute is that child

  5. (lol) I was wondering the same thing about Rudolph. I just told my daughter he's probably off duty that time as there was no clear "red nose" in the film.

  6. I hadn't even noticed the lack of Rudolph! Such a slacker I am. I did love that the reindeer ate Christmas food 😀

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