We Play: Teddy Bear’s Picnic

At the end of last week, Ellie and Uncle Max decided that we should have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. The date was set for today and Ellie talked about it all weekend.

We’d barely had breakfast before Ellie was asking if it was time to have our Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Unfortunately, this morning dawned dreary and rainy, so I told the children to clean up the toys in the lounge room to get ready for our Beary guests while I made some pink banana smoothies (well, why not?) and pikelets.

Our guests were set up with coloured blocks for their cups and we all settled in for a lovely time.

Apart from Kahlei sharing a bit too much with Ellie’s baby, Clay, we had a perfect indoors picnic with singing, eating, chatting and Teddy Bear cuddles.

Hopefully, next time we’ll be able to do it outside, though!

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  1. Pink Milk how very Charlie and Lola! LOL … it looks like the teddy picnic was a grand success 🙂

  2. I love seeing a bloke playing tea parties!! Great job Uncle Max…talk about making memories!! xxx

  3. gorgeous, gorgeous

  4. Stopping by from we play. I think this is great. We just finished celebrating Halloween and my son is all about costumes. We saw our Teddy Bears picnic book and we were talking about wearing a disguise. He was so in to it since we just dressed up for Halloween. We've been reading the book all week. I guess I should get around to having a teddy bear picnic soon!

  5. How fun!

  6. so much fun! We are true fans of tea party in my house 🙂

  7. aww, so sweet! What a fantastic idea.

  8. So cute. I know what you mean about wanting to get outdoors. It feels like we haven't had quality outdoor time here for ages. Glad you could still have indoor fun though!

  9. I bet my son's teddy would like pink milk too.

  10. My Princess loves an indoor picnic and still talks about one we had for dinner over 12 months ago! And she would love the pink smoothies and pikelets 🙂

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