‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race’ DVD Review

Many thanks to Porter Novelli and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for the opportunity to review this DVD.

As an old-school Mickey mouse fan, I have to admit that my first reaction to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was one of skepticism. I wasn’t sure at all. My girls wouldn’t interact with Mickey as he asked them to say certain things and asked questions about shapes. Thankfully, Uncle Max was here to enthusiastically join in and show them how the whole thing worked.

Soon enough, the girls were excitedly joining in and I’d forgotten that thought of  ‘Mickey should be much more 2D…’

‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race’ is a compilation of three episodes, plus a bonus episode of  Handy Manny: A Very Handy Holiday. All three Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes focus on fair play, having fun and being your best, each presented in bright, colourful scenes with friendly, happy and likable characters. There are problem solving activities and many opportunities for learning and interaction.

And at the end of each episode, Mickey asks you to join in his Hot Dog dance, which got the girls up dancing, singing and smiling from ear to ear. I enjoyed watching the DVD with my girls and was happy to allow them to sit and watch them and will again, probably often once bubba’s here, especially since it encourages them to get up and be active.

‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race’ is set for release on DVD and Blu-ray on the 3rd November 2010 and would be a perfect Christmas gift for the littlies in your life.



  1. I share your reaction on the MM Clubhouse when I first saw it too. It was very different from the MM we grew up with. But I guess Disney had to adapt it to the present and make it more interactive which is good and keep kids entertained & thinking. Love the Hot Dog dance!

  2. I love the MM Clubhouse- I think it is so much fun. Addison and Jackson both enjoy it and I love that it teaches countiing in every episode. Hope your little ones enjoyed watching.

    I also have a little something for you- so come on over and get it!

  3. i Love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and so do my youngest 2! i even had "hot Dog" as my ringtone for mr 2 for a while there! xO

  4. My kids absolutely love Mickey mouse clubhouse.
    how catchy is the hotdog dance song lol

  5. We loe the Hotdog song it is so silly and really does get the little ones moving

    Also I Just wanted to let you know that I left you an award on my blog today. 🙂

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