Highs and Lows

This past weekend was full of tears, excitement, sadness, happy moments and plenty of them all.

There were words with my mum, making me cranky and upset, mammoth tantrums and neediness from both girls, frustration about the lack of help I am receiving. More drama and feelings of having spent this year supporting others through tough spots, using so much energy on that and then being treated like I am a pain now that I need some support and help. As so many of you know, things get magnified a million times over in the emotional stakes during pregnancy and at this late stage everything simply seems to be piling on top of me at once.

On the upside there was a decision to let myself think Ethan is on holiday to release some of the stress about him reading instead of helping, the beauty of nature as I saw my first whale, watched an Eagle soar just over my head, a quiet lunch with my husband – alone – while Ethan stayed home with the napping girls, a precious moment with my girls at the park as Ellie caught Kahlei on the slippery dip.

And last night there was a phone call from mum telling me that 1) I can finally stop hiding my brother’s secret now (as to whether I can share it here, I am not sure yet) as we all know and 2) She got tickets to Oprah and I AM HER GUEST
It was also our last weekend as a family of four with just two busy girls.
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  1. What an emotional few days.

    Beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls.

  2. Those tickets are all you had to say, great stuff, it will be amazing.

  3. i hope those tickets made up for your week. 😉

  4. What a week – and a week you hadn't even bargained on having! (pesky due dates). That first photo is absolutely amazing!

  5. we all have those days too. but not all of us have a ticket to oprah. enjoy!

  6. AWESOME photos Becky!
    Sorry to hear about your emotional week! Hang in there Lovely! And those Oprah tickets will definitely make up for some of those down times 🙂 I'm JEALOUS!! lol.

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