{52 Weeks} Week 20: Saturday Grateful

Today, in my exhausted, pained, overwhelmed and over emotional state, I am truly grateful for being alive after my recent not-so-pleasant birth experience. I really do believe there was a moment when I thought I wouldn’t survive, even if it was only for a split second as the ‘non exsistant’ pain ripped through me or as my eyes grew heavy as the anesthetic began to work.

I am also grateful for what having a baby does for your modesty. After having Ellie I was one of those mothers who had to toddle off to the baby room to feed her, or sit in the car. Now, three babies down, I am quite comfortable to throw a wrap over my shoulder and feed where we are, rather than racing around with a screaming babe to find somewhere ‘acceptable’. Today, I was able to discreetly feed my hungry man while standing in a group of people watching the magnificence of a family of whales playing off the heads. I didn’t miss out, my little boy was happily filled and nobody had any idea. Not even James, who marvelled 10 minutes later at how long Jasper had gone between feeds!

And I am grateful for sleeping children. Three sleeping children to be precise.

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  1. Yes, with two older ones b'feeding in all sors of odd places becomes a necessity. However in the interest of modest (but unavoidably public) b'feeding, Bonds make a b'feeding singlet (which can be clipped down from the top, so you can keep your tummy etc covered when you have to pull your top up!) I wore one everyday for just over a year. xxx

  2. So harrowing, Becky. I'm glad you made it through with a beautiful little (sleeping) unit to make it all worth while. I'm glad breastfeeding is going so well for you too. x

  3. Lovely 🙂 Congrats on your new lil one!!

  4. Good for you! I was afraid to breast feed in public even though I believe women should. I would pump milk right before leaving and make sure to be home within the three hour mark. I've only had one baby though. I hope I can be braver in the future.

  5. When I breastfeed in public, I tuck a cotton wrap (or muslin in summer) under my arm with a bit of overhang so it covers my side. I pop the baby in and cover his head a little with it (especially now he's become a sticky beak and pulls off to look around at what the other kids are doing) while the rest of it drapes down and covers my tummy. I'm not embarrassed to feed in public but it makes me feel more comfortable.

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